WElcome to Teatoxery

A tea lounge where you can chill, relax, and socialize while detoxing your entire body.

Teatoxery is an urban lounge that offers a wide variety of custom teas, coffees, detoxing foot baths and other holistic healing products and services.

We have successfully married the service and beverage industry, creating the most unique tea lounge in the world!

Whether you are looking for a quality cup of tea or need some quality “me-time”, you won’t be disappointed.

Teatoxery understands the hustle and bustle of your day to day life, and we are here to support you in a way that will bring you a quality detoxing experience.

Our lounges are easy-going, laid back, convenient and easy to use. Open to the public; there are no appointments needed, WiFi is available making multi-tasking easy. We are also kid and pet friendly.

Teatoxery is a wonderful place where people can bond over something fun, healthy and exciting.

We are community-based and pride ourselves on educating the community on living a more abundant and healthy lifestyle.

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100% Natural

High quality tea & Coffee

Why you'll love us

handcrafted teas

All of our teas are 100% natural. We only use high-quality teas, herbs, and natural sweeteners. Try one of our signature tea blends and enjoy a unique cup of tea made just for you.

Plant Offerings

Shop a variety of plants in our lounge. We support and only buy from local nurseries and growers.

Organic CoffeE

Boost your energy and mood with one of our all organic, low-acidic,  made to order coffees. All of our coffees are custom made to satisfy your discerning palette.

Detox Experiences

Experience the benefits of our proprietary detox foot baths. Easy, convenient, all-natural, and a fun way to improve your sense of wellbeing. You’ll also receive more insight as to the needs of your body.

Meet the Founder


With over two (2) decades in the medical field and a decade in alternative health, I have learned that wellness lives in the mind, body, and spirit.

Most western doctors only treat one aspect of our wellness, and unfortunately, that will result in only a temporary solution to our problems.

By treating the mind, body, and spirit as one, we will experience a long-term result. It’s only when we become out of balance that we begin to fall back into old habits and our old belief systems. The truth is that falling “out of balance” will allow for disease, pain, and suffering to creep back into our lives.

My MISSION was to create a space where people can bond over something healthy, fun, and exciting.

It was important for me to our Teatoxery lounges a family-friendly place, where everyone can experience a healthy lifestyle regardless of age. It was also important to create a space that would support a busy lifestyle, making detoxing fun and easy. A place where multi-tasking is the norm, where walk-ins are welcome. and free wifi is a must. The result of my vision is now what we call “Teatoxery”.

I invite you to experience the MOST unique tea lounge in the world.


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